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Do you often have to struggle with your camera’s flash going off when you don’t need it?

This is not going to happen with the Galaxy Camera.

Both these models seem old next to the Samsung Galaxy Camera, leaving it as pretty much the only player in the field.

Samsung’s latest phones have come under fire for lack of design innovation, and for looking like toys next to competitors such as the HTC One, the Sony Xperia Z, and the various Nokia Lumia devices.

At 300 g, it’s about 2-3 times heavier than a smartphone, and is naturally much bulkier than one, but is better looking than any Galaxy smartphone I ever laid my eyes on.

The camera is relatively small (71 x 129 x 19 mm), and is very easy to hold and handle.

After all, why carry a second device around when you have a fully capable camera with you anyway?

Camera companies have been trying to break this streak in all sorts of creative ways, with one of the latest ones being the .

The Samsung Galaxy Camera comes with a 1650 m Ah removable battery, a micro USB cable, a wall plug for USB charging, a pair of earbuds with three sets of extra tips, a hand strap for easier handling, and a manual.